Frequently Asked Questions

Why is professional hygiene necessary

  • Hygiene – professional or personal – is extremely necessary as a preventive measure for preserving and attending to human health.
  • In present days hygiene protects people’s and animals’ health as well as the products which people use by exterminating dangerous microbes and by controlling their level keeping them under the critical point.

Why is the use of professional products and dozing systems necessary? How does their use raise standard and productivity?

  • If we are willing to find hygiene and comfort in modern lavatory premises, which shall observe a particular standard, especially when it comes to applying the European standard, we will find out that we couldn’t affect that without available hygiene dozing systems and consumables that match them.
  • If we seek after attaining higher and higher standard level of hygiene in Bulgarian hospitals, we are obliged to use personal single consumables which will facilitate the fight for elimination of epidemics and infections and will therefore improve the standard of hygiene in Bulgarian hospitals.
  • A factor of prime importance for the productivity in industrial factories is the cleaning of machines and tools, which can be definitely improved by means of various suitable consumables, specially produced for their easier and faster cleaning.

Why is it advisable to use hand paper towels?

  • People’s hands are the easiest way to transfer different infections because they are in direct contact with the environment, bacteria and microorganisms in particular.
  • Frequent washing and drying of hands have a number of positive aspects: this is the most effective way to reduce the dissemination of viruses and illnesses and to prevent a series of diseases caused by them. This narrowed the need of taking antibiotics.
  • The process of hand washing is just one of the aspects. The more important aspect is hand drying. A number of researches conducted in the range of Europe show that careful washing itself is of minimum benefit, if after doing so, the hands are not dried. For wet hands are favorable environment for the process of bacteria growth. Wet hands are 500 times more susceptible to bacteria adhesion than dry ones. Moreover, humidity and warmth favors their growth. This is one of the reasons why it is not recommendable to use hand dryers, because the strong and warm air current crams the microorganisms that haven’t been washed away, whereas paper towels wipe them off.

Which are the advantages of dozing systems?

  • The most important target of dozing systems is to optimize maximally the expenditure of consumables, without the utilization of which it is impossible to have whatsoever hygiene standard.
  • In this way the expenditure of consumables can be easily monitored.
  • When the dozing systems are professionally produced in accordance with their specific and relevant designation, they could be refilled and serviced promptly, easily and with consideration to your individual convenience. All these save plenty of valuable time, which we are all in need of in the intensive and strenuous world we share.


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